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CV Travel Diary: Vacances en Ile de Ré - a family that bikes together...

Had the good fortune of traveling to Ile de Ré this summer with my family. And when I see this image of my family biking (I'm the last of six kids and am in my mother's belly in this image), it makes me realize this is probably why I love it so much - the joy of family biking was instilled in me at an early age. 

I keep telling everyone I know that Ile de Ré is the perfect spot for family vacations because you: rent a house, park your car, rent bikes for your entire stay and ride all over the island on gorgeous BIKE PATHS (no cars) on day trips the entire time you're there. Each day is a new beach, a new town, a new market - it's the perfect combination of exercise, adventure, beauty and relaxation! The Ile de Ré Chamber of Commerce should be calling me soon to thank me. (And locals calling to curse me.) Ha. :)

This Summer it was a real treat because my Guerrero family came over as well - my mother, sister (& her husband) and two (of my four) brothers. My family hadn't been to France since Thierry and I got married there in 2002. 


All the shutters on the island are different shades of green. 

Me, my oldest brother Dan, and my sister, Ann, posing in the wind!

Oscar and his friend Dexter hiding out.

The circus was in town! We didn't go, but we rode past the tent and trailers and at magic hour, I was enchanted by the big red.

This picture was taken the last night of vacation after a wonderful dinner, with my mother in her marigold scarf she bought on the island.

My Clare V. x VOGUE pouch is so cute and a perfect bathing suit holder. My craft project: hand embroidered espadrilles. 

Ann making a cairn, a rock sculpture.


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