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Introducing #CVAmbassador Laura Tully

We couldn't be more thrilled to introduce you to the newest lady to join our group of CV Ambassadors, Laura Tully. We've been eyeing her for a bit for her fierce style, and insanely enviable allover look. 

Name: Laura Tully

Known For: Personal Wardrobe Styling & Modeling 

Living In: Boise, Idaho

When do you first remember seeing/being introduced to Clare V.?

The love affair of Clare V started about 3 years ago. I bought my first bag and it confirmed so much of what I love about CV style. Beautiful and simple design that celebrated function in the chicest way. 

What drew you to the brand?

The beautiful styles drew me in but the story of Clare, her smarts, and passion created a lifelong admiration. What I love about Clare V styles is that it is for every woman.  Edgy, feminine, strong, classy, fierce. There's a style that can speak to all parts of who we are or what we choose to be.

What are your favorite pieces for Spring?

AHHHHH! I happy dance LOVE so many of the styles. I'm crushing HARD on Lea in blush woven. It truly makes me want to twirl and gather spring blooms. The Henri- petit is proof that amazing things come in small packages. I love the emerald green color. It's a perfect little dose of charming and can be used with EVERY style I plan to wear this Spring and Summer. The midi sac in black soft croco with stripes. The stripes on this bag feature 3 of my favorite colors. It's the perfect size for a day of errands or evening glam.  

What pieces do you generally find yourself using day to day?

Hands down it's my Petit Alistair. It's my sidekick that has my back on anything that I choose to wear. It's chic, practical and effortlessly stylish. 

How do you style your Clare V.?

I love to add my pom pom tassel in blush to any of my CV bags. My style is a mix of minimalist chic with some homegirl sass ;) I love that my CV styles can elevate whatever I am wearing whether it's skinny jeans, tee, and blazer or silk slip dress with sneakers. The volume of how I choose to show up is reflected in my style. When you love what you wear it shows. 

What are your favorite elements of the brand?

I love that there are distinctive elements of a CV bag that makes it uniquely CV. No other can compare. The new pieces that come up are a delightful surprise infused with all that makes CV fabulous. Clean lines, Parisian chic and playful. I also love the strength of feminism that CV fuels. As women, we are realizing that the space we take up is valuable and necessary. We can show up with our confidence and competence in the elegance that is female and that is such a beautiful thing. 

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