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We're All About Elle

We've had the good fortune over the past few months to be working alongside Elle Strauss. Longtime friends, Clare and Elle wanted to create a bag together, with Elle lending her design eye to the process. 
Elle comes from the fashion world, currently a fashion consultant in LA (Yay!), with recent stints at both Brides Magazine and Shopbop!
So, we sat down with Elle before her launch event to talk about the inspiration behind the new namesake bag and what went into the design process.
What was the inspiration behind this collaboration?
Clare and I have been friends for years, we'd met up for breakfast in Tribeca and the idea just sprung organically over coffee and eggs :)
What were you looking to capture in a bag?
My dream was to create an easy yet chic, daily essential handbag with a hint of glam! 
How involved were you in feedback/the design process?
The team was amazing. I was able to visit LA a few times (as I was still based in NYC) and they listened to my entire wishlist and incorporated them beautifully—cross body, tan with gold hardware, drawstring, mini (like me!) and who doesn't love a stripe!
What design elements were important to you? Your favorite? Cross body/hands-free was essential
I'm typically pushing a stroller, holding my phone, sipping a cappuccino plus I don't want a bag too big that I'll just load up with too much rubbish....My favourite? It's hard to choose but it's definitely a toss up between the (removable!!) striped drawstring bag and the 'Elle' key chain, I mean HELLO?! who wouldn't want their name in gold?
How do you envision wearing the bag?
For day: wide leg cropped indigo jeans, a white tee and gold hooped earrings, oh and a red lip. For night: I'll take the stripes for a spin and pair it with a midi black dress, ankle boots and statement earrings.
More scenes from last night's event at our West Hollywood store.
And shop the limited-edition bag here!
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