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Meeting Our Newest #CVAmbassador in Miami

Meet the newest lady to set our hearts aflutter. Chic, smart and endlessly original, we love her take on all things CV. Here, our newest #CVAmbassador, Ana Linares, shares some of her favorite things:

Name: Ana Linares

City: NYC/Miami

Blog/Social Accounts: @ananewyork

Profession: Designer and Photographer 

How did you first hear of Clare V.?

I've been following Clare's work since she first launched her website and was featured on DailyCandy (which was like the NYC - Glitter Guide of the time back in 2008) with one of her signature designs, the Tropezienne. I fell in love with the design, it was something new and fresh to what was in the market at the time. I particularly loved the way she used leather in a very simple yet architectural way. I've been collecting her bags since, the rest is history!  

Why do you think the brand aesthetic resonates with you and your style?

Clare's designs are chic, wearable and versatile. I'm very drawn to designs that you can use year after year and will always look unique and timeless. 

What's your favorite way to wear CV?

I am a total bag lady and typically pick my outfit around the accessories I'm wearing. I like my bags to be the statement of an outfit and what first catches your attention, shoes come second.

Current CV bag crush?

My Petit Alistair bag. Its shape makes me feel like I'm wearing a beautiful and delicate piece of art. 

Which CV style are you most looking forward to for Spring? 

I've been eyeing the Marcelle and the Petit Henri in blush cotton velvet! 

What trends are you most looking forward to wearing this season?

I'm looking forward to wearing bold colors, floral prints, lots of them! And more stripes.

Coffee order: Espresso 

Next trip/vacation: Cuba

Book you're reading: Jane Eyre

You're happiest when: I'm the happiest when I spend time with my little boy. Museum Fridays is a tradition we started ever since he turned one and it’s the most fun! That and traveling, there's nothing like learning from other cultures—their colors, their cuisine and their craftsmanship! 

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