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Mike D. for CV

Just back from a whirlwind trip to Paris, Clare and Mike D. celebrated the launch of their second collaboration for holiday and the opening of our month-long pop-up in the Marais. Clare got this shot of Mike walking down the street in his new MDCV gear near the shop, and we caught up with Mike to talk about the design process—and that launch party.


What was in the inspiration/direction behind the newest MDCV products?

We learned from our prior collections! Or at least I hope we did. Haha. For the new collection we tried to be more refined, more focused and still have fun. (Pictured above in his Bon Wknd sweatshirt)

Was there a different direction that you took with this new release?

Again it was more about refinement and going bold with color and at the same time making a couple of pieces we haven’t gotten to before (like our new socks and belt).

How do your own personality and style tastes come through in the designs?

I travel A LOT, so it is a priority for me to keep things compact, efficient and refined but I want to do so with some color. Color affects my moods for sure. 

How involved were you in the design process?

Clare and Greta from CV are great collaborators. I will shout out ideas and concepts and they are so amazing at showing me what can be done realistically, what it will cost, and what people want etc.

What's your favorite piece of the collection?

We really wanted do a proper yet compact dop kit. And I am really happy with what we got done. It took a lot of revisions and driving people crazy with details but it was worth it. 

Avec CV at the opening

In full DJ mode at the afterparty

With DJ Adam Steingold

Digging through La Cave with my long time esteemed colleague Ian Rogers. No colabo trip to Paris would be complete with out an amazing dinner and yes, we def had a good time after upstairs at the Crillon #rwjourneys

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