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See You in San Fran

The pictures are trickling in from our new Hayes Valley store, and we're loving seeing everyone's favorite corners and vignettes. 

Taylor Sterling of Glitter Guide paid us a visit, capturing the light and magic of our Linden Street location in Hayes Valley (we're at 344) and her new Cream Alice (now back in stock!).

The beautiful blue paneled exterior finds its place in the bay.

And our mono station with it's sweet hand-painted tiles. Our in-store monogrammer applies every personalized mono by hand with our machine pictured above.

And a few OG favorites, including the best stripes, Leá and more, looking just as good up North as they do anywhere. 

And that light that's been a game-changer since Day 1. The interiors, beautifully designed as always by Kate McCullough. 

Make sure to swing by and visit! 

(images by Ulysses Ortega)


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