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All Abloom—Spring In Store

Our latest collection has started trickling into stores and the season's beautiful blues, lively lavenders and new CV stripes have everyone in hot step for Spring.  

Giving lip service to the new Cobalt Blue Luce, a carryover from past seasons that's gotten a beautiful color update. It's sitting pretty with our Blue Dapple Flat Clutch, a sweet new textured print for Spring, our lips paperweight, and the Desert Floral Coin Clutch cutie.

Jenna in Santa Monica holding tight to her Striped Simon, a new body for Spring, with the sweetest sewn-on Lips Patch.

Petit Henri, a new CV classic, in the most supple Lavender nappa, hanging right alongside her friends.

Dreamy tablescape with some of our Springtime favorites—Sardines, stripes and sunnies.

Something we've been so excited about. Our new Attache is the perfect tote in your favorite Leo. We love wrapping it with our brand new Oui print silk scarf, the ultimate add-on.

And CV Spring peeking outside, with our OG Black and White striped Simple Tote making friends with Gingham. Sweet Spring, a bientôt.

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