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Inside Clare's Dream Closet

It wasn't until Clare's husband Thierry wanted to turn her small dressing room into a bathroom that Clare's closet truly came to be. She negotiated turning their spare bedroom into a full walk-in, full of vintage treasures, wares by designers friends and a collection of CV through the years.

But over the years, the room had become a bit of a hodgepodge. "It was pretty chaotic," Clare told Domino. "My friend and I had just been talking about the fact it needed a makeover. It needed to grow up a bit. So it was perfect timing when California Closets came my way."

Clare worked hand-in-hand with California Closets' designer Nicole Caswell to turn the space into the perfect combination of storage, function and display. Keeping the natural light foremost was important, as was letting Clare's love of color, and texture shine through.

Set against the Clare V. x WallShoppe Pink Stripe Lotus Wallpaper, Clare's current handbag display sits aside a color coordinated column of knits.

“Our goal was to create a boutique style closet that would display Clare’s eclectic style of clothing along with her personal handbag and clothing designs,” says Caswell.

There's a space for everything, including Vivier's (unsurprisingly) massive collection of accessories.

Shelves of varying sizes and strategically placed hooks hold her dozens of handbags, and a multi-level drawer organizer keeps her jewelry in place, while another holds her scarves.

“Immediately on entering the room, two large windows that look out onto big trees give the room a cozy feel,” Caswell adds. “Clare and I wanted to complement the windows and the classic moldings by making the closet system finishes in a simple white to let the clothing, artwork, and outside elements give the room its colored accents.”


Of her closet, Clare said, "For me, it's like appreciating art." 

Original article by: Crystal Meers
Photos by: Jessica Antola
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