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Talking EMC with Christy Turlington Burns

We've been so fortunate to work together with Every Mother Counts, in an ongoing partnership where proceeds from exclusive Clare V. designs benefit the cause, which supports and promotes maternal health initiatives across the globe.

In celebration of Mother's Day, Clare and founder Christy Turlington Burns spoke together at the Soho House in West Hollywood to discuss so many elements of their ongoing partnership.

The talk included how their partnership came to be, which Clare explained was a result of being at a point in building the company, where giving back began to matter more and more, and become a more feasible component of the business financially.

Clare explained why the cause matters so much to her, which is that her sister has been a nurse in labor and delivery for some time, and the issue of maternal health deserves any and all attention. Christy spoke of her own difficult labor and the resources of the U.S. healthcare system that magnified what so many other countries and pregnant women there are in need of.

Clare also detailed what she's seen EMC achieve first-hand through her work with the organization, which has included marathon running to raise funds and travels to see EMC hard at work in Haiti and Tanzania.




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