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Zen Mama & Style Star: Sarah Wright Olsen

We're enamored with Sarah Wright Olsen. This #CVAmbassador so casually embraces motherhood, enthuses about all things CV, and has become one of our favorite regular visitors at our Santa Monica store. Here, we talk about her current crushes. 

Name: Sarah Wright Olsen

Occupation: Mom of 2. Actor. Co-founder of 

What first drew you to Clare V.? 

I fell in love with Clare V. back in 2009ish...I remember seeing this bag a friend of mine had (the la tropezienne in brown) and I fell in love. I started to notice her bags popping up in little shops I frequented in Silverlake.  They were classic, elegant, and yet carried a unique modern quality. Each one felt special to me, and I could tell a lot of love went into making them. I couldn't wait for her first store to open in Silverlake. 

What about the brand resonates with your own style and lifestyle? 

When it comes to style I like to keep it simple and comfortable. I wear a lot of earth tones.  Every Clare V. bag I own adds something special to my outfit with just the right pop of color. Since having kids I always use my simple tote as a diaper bag, and now she makes a "Bebe Bag" and it's gorgeous! 

How would you describe your personal style?

Comfortable, relaxed, feminine. 

What are you current favorite CV styles?

I own the Petit Alistair in navy and I am crazy about it. It takes any outfit up a notch. It feels very Audrey Hepburn to me. I'm kind of in love with all of the "petites" at the moment.  Also anything she is making with the color "blush" involved.

Are there any on your wish list for holiday?

The Petit Simple Tote with red and blush stripes—I love the colors. Also loving the Petit Alistair in Sienna. The Twill Clutch with blush and gold stripes—it just feels like the perfect winter clutch. 

How do you plan on wearing them/incorporating them into your life?

I would wear the Simple Tote with my jeans and sweaters. The Sienna Petit Alistair is such a great color. I love mixing that color with black, but it would go with anything.  And the clutch I feel will be my "girls night" go-to.  

What go-to look can we expect to see you in?

Madewell jeans, Jennifer Meyer jewelry, CV sweatshirt, carrying my Petit Alistair, or my "Bebe bag" simple tote.

When you're not working, where can we find you?

Vacationing in Europe or Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Going on adventures with my kids. Dating my husband. Writing about mom life. 



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