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Talking Summer Style with Marlien Rentmeester of Le Catch

We're so excited to be working with my dear friend Marline Rentmeester of the very addictive Le Catch on an exciting new collaboration. She came into the studio and lent her custom creative touch to our favorite Kenya bags for Summer. With some beautifully colored twill tape striping, embellished handles and stitched monogrammed lip patches, these are Marlien's favorite new Summer bag...and ours, too. xcv

What experiences (work or otherwise) led you to create Le Catch?
Before launching Le Catch, I worked as an magazine editor at Conde Nast, most recently as the West Coast Bureau Chief of  Lucky Magazine. It was my internet entrepeneur husband though who really encouraged me to strike out on my own and start my own website. If it weren't for him, I don't think I would have been brave enough to do it!

How would you view or define your distinct point of view with Le Catch?
Because I worked in the magazine industry for many years, I have a distinct and well-honed aesthetic and voice. With Le Catch, I hope to make shopping easier by scouring the internet's best fashion sites every day to source the newest, most desirable, bound-to-sell-out items that are often also ridiculously affordable. In this day and age, we are so overwhelmed by choice and information. Le Catch's curated posts simplify the buying-decision making process.

What was been the most rewarding thus far?
I love seeing friends and strangers in Le Catch purchases!

What continues to inspire you?
My friends, my family, walking down the streets in New York City, traveling, the internet rabbit hole and reading good books.

How did you first meet Clare?
I met Clare at a charity luncheon many years ago. We were both waiting on the valet line--how LA!--and she introduced herself and we ended up chatting away.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Clare on this custom/exclusive Kenya?
Selfishly, I wanted to create a bag that I could wear all summer long day in and day out, everywhere I go from Malibu to Manhattan. So, naturally, I asked Clare to help me.

What is your signature Summer look?
A floaty lightweight top, wide leg pants and sandals. Or a caftan with a wet bikini underneath!

What was the experience on collaborating in the design process?
It was blissfully easy, as our aesthetics are aligned. For me, it was fun to go to Clare's office and play around with different handles, tassels, etc. It was like arts and crafts!

Where/how are you excited to wear the new Kenya?
What I love about this bag is its beach to street versatility. I also love that it has two "faces"--in that the exterior sides are different--so it's almost like two bags in one. And it's just straight out chic!

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