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Drawing of Jimmy Kimmel's Passport Case shown open, closed with JCK monogram, and on him.
Jimmy Kimmel's Passport Case full of money and passports and a pen.


I met Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly through our mutual friend Naomi Scott and instantly loved them. Later on in our friendship, Molly reached out and said: You have to make Jimmy a new travel wallet. I said, of course, I’d be happy to! Not more than ten minutes had passed before I had an email from Jimmy with a sketch of the "Airport Dad Wallet", with all the passport pockets that a father needs when on the go. We’re thrilled with how it came out and especially happy that 30% of the proceeds benefit the St. Joseph Center and Children’s Hospital of L.A., causes near to Jimmy’s heart.

-Clare Vivier

Jimmy Kimmel's Passport Case back view of the Jimmy Kimmel's Passport Case interior image of the Jimmy Kimmel's Passport Case illustration of the Jimmy Kimmel's Passport Case Jimmy Kimmel's Passport Case full of money and passports and a pen Alex wearing the Jimmy Kimmel's Passport Case around his neck
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CV x Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel's “Airport Dad” Passport Case

$245.00 USD

I have a deep appreciation for anything that is well-made. In 2010, I happened upon photos of Clare Vivier’s handbags in a free airline magazine. I tore out the page and stashed it in my backpack with the intent to buy one for my then-girlfriend, now-wife Molly. I thought, “This is the kind of bag I’d want if I were a woman.” And, while that gifting strategy usually goes about as well as Homer buying Marge a bowling ball, this was a big success. Molly loved the bag: a brown leather clutch with a hot pink stripe. She couldn’t believe I picked it out myself. I was delighted (and insulted) and, from then, every holiday, birthday, and anniversary came with a Clare V. something.

-Jimmy Kimmel

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