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Frannie Holding Our Walnut Rustic Mirabel, Frannie Wearing Our Remi Backpack, Model Holding Our Walnut Rustic with Grommets Flat Clutch

Inspired By L.a.

The Fall 2021 collection celebrates our hometown of Los Angeles, the city that remains a wellspring of inspiration. Just as the city fully reopens its doors, we can soak up, once again, the culture (and the sun) in the city of angels.

Model wearing our Liberez Les Sardies Sweatshirt and Army Suede Pablo Cat Midi Sac with Masculin Feminin Crossbody Strap. Frannie Wearing Our Army Suede Pablo Cat Foldover Clutch with Tabs as a Shoulder Bag with a Tubular Black Shoulder Strap
Frannie holding the Cuoio Croco Marisol with Front Pocket with the Green & Red Lurex Crossbody Straps in her Hands. Mecca Sitting Down With Our Cuoio Croco Le Zip Sac Sitting Besides Her
Ring Ring! Model Holding a Red Phone and Wearing Our Metallic Cat Midi Sac and Frannie Wearing our Metallic Cat Foldover Clutch with Tabs with Black Tubular Strap
For Ever Green Featuring our Evergreen Woven Poche , Midi Sac, and Simple Tote
Frannie Wearing Our Evergreen Woven Moyey Messenger Crossbody Bag
Made in L.A. Featuring Frannie Wearing Our Black with Stripes Midi Sac and Other Clare V. Items - Ruffle T-Shirt, Leopard Sac Bretelle, Ciao Original Fit Tee
Sweatshirt Black Bourgeoisie Sauvage Sweatshirt on Candice - Back View
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Black Bourgeoisie Sauvage
$145.00 USD
Ooh La La. Ah Oui Oui,. A Clare V.  Models wearing our Toffee Splash Collection - Zip Wallet w/ Tabs, Poche, and Midi Sac w/ Black Cotton Webbing Crossbody Strap
Thin Chain Crossbody Strap Mecca holding the Thin Chain Crossbody Strap on the Zip Wallet w/ Tabs
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Chain Crossbody Strap

Light Brass - Thin
$115.00 USD
Black Perf Grande Fanny - Front Jordan Wearing the Black Perf Grande Fanny Across her Chest Jordan Wearing the Black Perf Grande Fanny Across her Back Black Grande Fanny showing the items that it can hold. These items include sunglasses, an aesop sample, chapstick, perfume, gum, an iphone, hand cream, a passport sleeve, airpods and a petit zip wallet
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Grande Fanny

Black Perf
$325.00 USD
Model wearing our Bourgeoisie Sauvage Black Sweatshirt and Natural Woven Checker Moyen Messenger
Gigi. One, Two, Three...Ways to Wear!
Black Ciao Trucker Hat - Front Black Ciao Trucker Hat on Athena Black Ciao Trucker Hat - Side Black Ciao Trucker Hat - Back Black Ciao Trucker Hat on Athena Black Ciao Trucker Hat on Athena
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Trucker Hat

$50.00 USD
Le Quilted Puff. Our new Quilted Puff Collection available in Yellow and Navy.

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