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Part of the segment I'll call What Are you Wearing Today? If you want to send me pics, I'll post them of you too.
So this is what I'm wearing today. Comptoir des Cotonniers short sleeve coat which I bought this summer in Paris. I never knew how perfect it'd be for LA fall weather. Dark gray t-shirt dress, I made this summer when it was consistantly 100 degrees and we wanted to wear nothing at all. Knee highs, I can't remember from where. VIVIER iPhone pouch which I wear everyday, don't you? The iPhone is in my hand of course b'c I'm taking the pic and the headphones are in my ears b'c I'm talking to Simone (see below) at the same time. Talk about multitasking!! And the star of the outfit - my new shoes, from my new favorite store! Off-white cotton canvas "Slow and Steady Wins the Race" shoes from Mohawk General Store (1102 Mohawk St), right down the street from my house. They come in black too and I think I may have to get them as well. I was in Satine boutique yesterday with my friend Greta (more about her stylishness in a future post) in pretty much the same outfit, as you see when I get into an outfit it kind of turns into a jag of sorts - different under garments and variations on it of course but usually the look stays the same for a few days. (Read yellow skirt entry.) Anyway, I'm at Satine - a bastion of all things lovely and hip in LA, and the shoplady says, "I love your shoes. I have them in black. And I love that line SASWTR. I love the story behind it." Yes, I say, having no idea what she was talking about - story? So I shall google pronto and get back to you.
Okay, I googled it and it is a great story and a very cool line. I LOVE my shoes more now.
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