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In the Clutches

I just got a call from Max Padilla from the LA Times and he may include these bags in the holiday gift guide next Sunday. I hope he does, of course, and he was pretty sharp. He totally called the design. As I made them yesterday, I was thinking they were like bank bags - you know they type stores bring cash and checks to the bank in? Max told me that's what they reminded him of, too. So I went down to the store and took a pic of them on display. Right next to my shoes of an earlier post!

I've been playing around with zippers. There're so pretty really - all golden teeth and pretty colors around. So I made up these clutches with some remnant leather I got from my source - which makes them oh my god, even better they're ECO. I'm not harming the earth by creating more stuff, only making pretty things out of potential landfill, right? They're for sale at my fav store I mentioned in earlier post - Mohawk General Store. They had opening party last night and I was all ready to take pictures of the beautiful owner, Bo, and pics of the styly attendees, like April from Satine, and pics of my bags merchandised by MGS. But I left my camera at home! Sorry.

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