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Living in LA, there are some things the wonderful weather doesn't allow us to do - like buy and wear a variety of lovely winter coats. I went to my favorite vintage store in St. Paul, MN while visiting my family for the holidays and tried on a bunch. I could not justify, reminded my mother, buying another one. Although the one I wanted is not even pictured here. It was an amazing flawless black wool, double breasted coat with rhinestone buttons. And, now that I've written about it, I may have to make a quick trip back to the store today before our flight to get it. (To be photographed later.)
The one thing I did get was in the picture on the far left - the scarf. It's vintage shearling, made in Italy. It reminded me of the fur scarf I'd seen at Maison Martin Margiela last month. I tried it on with my outfit, it was amazing - so chic, it didn't matter what you'd wear with it. But it was somewhere around thousand and it was made out of raccoon tails. Somehow when I learned that it just lost its appeal. I mean, I wear fur, but everyone draws their own line. Raccoon? No thanks. So this one made of shearling, perfect.
Here's me Christmas shopping. I photographed as a version of WAYWT? winter-style. Green Rihanna jeans (see previous entry), North Face boots bought in Aspen on the Viceroy Snowmass photoshoot. Warmest boots EVA. (I brought two very heavy suitcases on this trip for me and Oscar and there was nothing I thought I could take out. I brought 4 pairs of shoes and never wore anything but these boots. When will I learn how to pack?) Vintage rabbit fur (I know, I know but it's vintage!) coat which is the warmest thing I've ever owned, but is now perhaps seeing it's last days as I've seen a few "brown mouses" left in my tracks. So sad.

Here's me in a J Crew jacket I think is pretty cute - come on, the boucle is adorable.

Here's me in the purple bathroom at my dad's in my trusted fur and cashmere scarf, the outfit I pretty much never took off while I was here. I really don't know why my suitcase was so heavy.

This is a cape my sister just gave to me. It's navy wool with a beautiful red silk lining. She also just gave me the mink (I know, I know but it's vintage!) stole. This is why we love big sisters and why my luggage will be heavier going home today.
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