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What's in your bag?

It was Christmas then a week later New Year's and then a week later my birthday, so I realize that this Happy New Year entry is a little late, but this one will be a bit of a catch up. First, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Done. Now, I've been meaning to post a version of one of my favorite features in magazines - the What's is Your Bag piece. This is my bag and the current things in it. Click on the picture to see bigger pic with item list.

Here's a game - there's one thing in the bag which I actually never carry. Guess what it is? Answer at the end of this post.

But about the other contents of the bag - some are gifts from my bday, like the Marni items which come from Simone,

(how my presy from Simone arrived at the Vivier headquarters.)

and the sunglasses from mon mari; the iPhone, make-up no girl can live without, yeah yeah yeah, but the star is really that bag, no? Get out! That's lace leather, how beautiful is that?! And it's remnant leather - so it's in limited supply. It's not available on website yet - only special order for now. Call Vivier to place order - number's on website.

Here are some of the other lovely and inspiring things I got for mes fêtes.

1. an Orchid from HBT; 2. a "Bocage" vintage Hermes scarf from my sister; 3. a snakeskin wallet from my brother from Ghana; 4. a gray patent bank bag from Vivier; 5. a leather bowl from Mohawk General Store (from Greta for bday); 6. visor from Ghana soccer game (from brother)

A: The comb. For my hair? Come on now, you know I could never use a comb without deliberately wanting to look like a sheet of Bounce just unstuck from an angora sock.
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