Prosperity is just around the corner

This was my fortune the other night from a cookie. I wonder if it is not a far more common fortune these days. "Umm, it's the most in-demand fortune." When you order cookies from the fortune cookie store for your restaurant you can ask for the timely and encouraging batch.

In any case, I was thinking of printing it on one of my bags. Something a little better than above, a little subtler...however I actually kinda like this, but I like anything that resembles a French mariner stripe. That's my new workbag at its last photoshoot - it comes in 5 colors, one of which is 1970's vintage zebra-print canvas.

Get out!! Don't you want to go to work with that?

All of the bag children are in NY right now at the D&A show. Fingers crossed.

But speaking of using vintage fabric - VIVIER REMAKE style, this is where I'm going tonight and just looking at the pic, I know I don't have the right shoes to wear.

Sally's speaking on "Conscientious Consumption: Sustainability and the Future of Luxury" - sounds like VIVIER REMAKE to me...
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