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cartable POP

So I'm getting ready for my first public show, more like a party, more like a heart attack, stress out fest, at the beautiful and very cool gallery Taylor De Cordoba. And I'm thinking to myself, what does the show need? Well, my bags definitely err on the side of classic and unadorned. I'm a true believer in less is more, however I don't think the mass public feels that way. And the objective is to actually sell bags as we're giving proceeds to a really great organization called PS ARTS. Perhaps the show could use a bit of color - so I'm thinking of painting on some of my bags - yes, painting, since they've already been made I cannot have them silk screened. Anyways, last night looking for ideas I played on photoshop. Here's my classic bag - the Cartable - one of my earliest designs for a work bag (which sold like crazy after daily candy did a piece on it) avec un petit peu de pop.

Now I'm off to do a little excruciating in person self promoting on the set of a TV show - behind the scenes of course. My friend works on the new show (with 2 really great actresses who I actually respect and think are super funny,) so she invited me there to present my line to the stylist and also to "gift" bags to the actresses. I know, it's completely dubious and potentially ridiculous, but since I actually like these girls, I'll give it a try. I saw one of the Rodarte girls last month speaking on how they never wanted to give their wares to celebs because that was just so not what they were about. I can't think of it being further from what I am about either, but I also hear that these celebs influence sales as pathetic and un cool as that sounds. Okay, enough. I'm off.
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