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light and lenses in los angeles

Mon mari is obsessed with photography these days. He's always been into it, but now it's like crazy. He's even back into film. Bought an old Nikon from the 70s off Craigslist, repaired his German, mini-Minox, buying lenses galore from Sammy's or Craigslist or eBay - only those which will work on both his digital and the old Nikon, of course. He says he doesn't have time to actually take pictures as he is working all the time, but I'll show you, he's somehow finding the time. As soon as he puts down his tv camera, tuns off the AVID, hangs up the phone or sends the last email he takes l'appareil-photo into the garden and snaps the wild life living within our confines. That is the birds, the flowers and, of course, the butterflies...

This Mourning Dove has been nesting for the last week above our outside table amongst the grape vines and bouganvillea. We've named her Jolie.

He captures a few moments inside the house when he gets a chance, that's OGV looking pretty hunky:

And again, outside the house, his office inthe backyard, when the light is right:

Looking thru the iPhoto, I see that he's even snapped a few of the dinning room table with some REMAKE clutches stock...

Modestly, he tells me it's all about light and lenses, but it doesn't hurt to have the eye, either.
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