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Dōmo arigatō

So this last month has been a real learning experience for me. I did some things well and other things not so well at all. I'm talking about getting my first "big" order out the door. I basically work alone, with sewers in Burbank and friends who come over when they can, and this was a lot of work for me. Today's the day they send transporters over to my house to pick everything up. The collage above were scenes from la maison VIVIER last week. My sunny little upstairs atelier simply wasn't gonna cut it for this order, I had to spill down into our dinning room for the past week or so as packing and branding and tagging and ironing and wrapping was going on.

I kinda thought it wasn't really gonna happen all this work and then they'd just cancel it. Like, "Oh, yeah, Madame VIVIER, that order which has taken over your life for the past month, we're cancelling it." But lo and behold their freighter just called (just like I'm a legitimate business and not just some bird working out of her home trying hard to not let her five-year-old step and/or drip popsicle juice on anything) and they're picking up the boxes in a matter of time.

I mean, I don't mean to degrade my line, of course I think it's amazing and it does sell at some of the chicest stores here in LA - Mohawk, Flair and Confederacy, and it deserves to sell in the chicest of chics around the world but it's just that I've never had to put it together for such a big store before.

Sayōnara. They are gone.
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