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Une journée à La Tropézienne

Last night, a few girlfriends and I ate at the hot new restaurant Barbrix in Silverlake and had a near perfect night. The place is getting rave reviews and for good reason, eveything we ate was delicious and the Babich red wine was yummy and Portland-priced. As we were leaving, my paper napkin (I know, I said near perfect) started fire on the table candle and as I poured my glass of water on the mounting flames, I panicked very quickly that I could be the starter of a wild fire (it's very very dry here in LA) Happily, a glass of water extinguished it pretty quickly and I didn't ruin everyone's future dinners at the new restaurant. Phew! Silverlake wild fire averted.

Today however I got an inkling of another sort of wild fire. Blogs. Blogs, as ubiquitous as they are, are still peculiar. I have good friends who say they never read blogs, even if I send them a link with something that I know they'd be interested in, or even if it's mine. They essentially say, I love you, but I'm not gonna read your blog. I get it. There's something kinda nerdy about blogging and there's a lot very self-centered about blogs, but I have truly seen the light since I've become one of these people myself: They're the wave of the future and to say that you don't read blogs, is simply resigning yourself to missing out on a lot of really good, interesting, smart, gorgeous, inspiring stuff.

But then, you know all this because you're blog readers, so why am I writing all this?

Because today I discovered the power of blogs on my tiny little scale: Yesterday I blogged about my lovely, lovely, ideal summer tote, that I call La Tropézienne because it reminds me of lovely feeling of the south of France, and today some very cool and indescribably chic bloggers blogged about my blog. (Tell me that was not a modern day alliteration...) and I had loads and loads of new fashionable readers interested in my Tropézienne.

There's Blackburn and Sweetzer, which supposedly covers all things chic in the 3rd St. neighborhood, but I've noticed that she branches outside her hood and shines light on a good assortment of chic happenings and items. LAinbloom, a blogger in LA who documents much of her life and the fashion, art, and food that populates it - in way that makes me crazy about everything. And there's Jeana Sohn a very talented painter who chronicles her life with a nice camera which makes us all desire her aesthetic and sanity. Because of these three blogs I had over 600 hits on my blogs today, and an unprecedented interest in La Tropézienne.

Et voilà how wild fires are started...
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