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country livin'

In what is going down in the books as the mellowest, Mem Day weekend ever, although truthfully I have no recollection of any other MD wknd, after a busy week, the Viviers are kickin' it country style at home. Lest that should conjure up some thoughts of saucy BBQ ribs and baked beans, I should specify French country style is more of what I'm talking about. Last night, we watched I've Loved You So Long - the French film with Kristen Scott Thomas, and with tears streaming down my face at the end I can say it was a fine, subtle, stirring movie. And I recommend it especially if you've got kids or a sister. Today, aside from some random voice overs I had to do for French TV (pour le mari), it's been all about the fams and I've discovered yet again, it is possible to have simple farm life right here in mego-tropolis LA. These white nectarines were grown right here in our backyard. Oscar picked them and with a bit of help made them into a tart:

While le mari was getting himself a facial injury playing foot avec les garçons, Oscar and I met up with Heather and Alex at the Hollywood farmers market and found natural wonders:

The ridiculously cute (pink and white!) striped beets and Japanese white turnips were roasted and eaten with feta for dinner and the haricots verts will be for tomorrow.

In other news, La Trop sold completely out. Yay. It was a busy week. Thank you (again) to Else Henry for organizing the event and for working the sales and to everyone who came to the trunk show and supported the cviv line. Amongst the crowd of well dressed women at the maison on Thursday night were a stellar group of LA fashion bloggers. I've got to give another shout out to these incredibly talented and hot women (current and future constants in the blogs I love category) all of whom either showed up or wrote about La Trop, and I failed to mention in previous post:
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