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La Trop is back

Unfortunately, the downside of the blog frenzy last week was that many people were turned away from cvivs when I had to tell them that La Trop was sold out!

However, when I mentioned that I'd sold out of the bag on pre-orders alone to my eco-tanned leather source (mentioned in previous post), she said she'd sold a bunch of leather to her interior designer friends a few years ago. She didn't think they'd used the leather as it wasn't the right type to make a sofa from, so it may be just sitting in their warehouse. She'd contact them for me and ask if they'd like to sell it to me. She did, and they still had it, but there was a catch: the fire sale deal she gave me on her remnant leather was not the same she gave them years ago! It would be twice the price I paid for it, she said, did I want it? Yes. I figured that since I had to turn people away and I was already giving a ridiculously good deal on that gorgeous leather bag, (Gap sells bags, more expensive than that, I was scolded by a gorgeous well-known actress who bought one) I was pretty sure I'd sell them even at a higher price.
So, as it goes, La Tropézienne is back, but for slightly more and it is still very, very limited! If you're interested please email me:
Going once, going twice...

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