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bon weekend

Lovely weekend.
Thursday night there was sushi with le mari then drinks for Tasha's bday.
Friday girl's night with HBT, JS, and AC.
Sat was in store leather stamping rehearsal at Fred Segal Flair. Next time: YOU'RE ALL invited.
Then, a quick trip to the Westin Bonaventure hotel, of childhood game show fame, to pick up O who'd spent the day with Else, her sister Astrid and her boyfriend David, professors from Grinnell in town for a conference.
Sat night dear friends from SF, Bret, (lovely) Midori and D, came down on the way to the Happiest Place on Earth. Today, there was the June-gloomy Hollywood Farmer's market where there still seemed to be an uncomfortable amount of people. Then home for Argentinian sausages on the grill with salad, grilled corn, and HBT's fava bean crostini recipe and wine - just like in the old country - which sadly, at lunch these days, just makes me tired...

There was some good post-lunch ping-pong though on the newly expanded patio...

We ended the weekend at Greta and David's where we finally got to partake in this famous pizza craze they're having over there. De-lish-yum.

I heart my friends.

(First pic courtesy of Bret Lama)
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