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london calling

This week flew by in the dust of getting a package of work bags for London together. A very stylish stylist here in LA has a mother who lives in London, who is very stylish herself. The rep of a hot denim line in Europe, Mother was in LA perusing wedding gowns for Daughter. However, they took a little time out of their busy schedule to come to meet with me a few times over the past week and a half to see the line and then fall in love with the line and then strategize how to take Europe by storm with the line. Yay.

They both agreed that the angle we should go for as intro to CLAREVIVIER in Europe is with the Workbag (and maybe even the Cartable.) I was so happy to hear it, as I love love love these bags and that is how I started the line - designing cute laptop bags for chic working girls. But most stores treat work bags as something akin to a modern sculpture - 'great, but where am I going to put it?' But they are my bastard step children. I love them and I'll continue to design and perfect and champion them and sell them exclusively on my website if no one else wants them (although fearless Mohawk has sold out of all they've had there.) They're kind of a no brainer if you're a stylish woman, you work and you have a laptop. (ahem: YOU.) I took them to the set of a hot tv show and the lead actresses, upon seeing them bought 3 each (extras as gifts of course.) So, anyway, back to London-story, Mother was returning to the old country on Monday and took with her packets of photoshopped (light hearted mock-ups) pictures, à la look books, and samples in natural, black and tie-dye. They're beyond chic-y-dic.

And I cross my fingers they're about to take over London, Paris and Milan!
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