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L.A. Fashion Blooms indeed

I don't like posting pictures of me posing like this when I'm not showing some particular item of clothing, bag, or shoes, but I'm posting it without chopping heads off to show these other beautiful and talented designers involved with the L.A. Fashion Bloom temp boutique at Taylor De Cordoba gallery.

(from L to R: Annie Costello Brown, Melissa Coker of Wren, Jesse Kamm, me in a JKamm dress and Clare Vivier gold tote and YSL cut off boots, ahem, and Heather Taylor of TDC gallery.)

Here's me with the navy messenger tote - love it! - with artist Kimberly Brooks - discussing her appearance in Vanity Fair this month. I'll post more pics of the actual "shop" when I get them. I didn't have my camera, aka, iPhone with me, as I had to leave it in one panic stricken moment at the house with the 16-year-old baby sitter who'd neglected to bring his phone - our home cordless phone which I never use, was sitting idly in Le Mari's office in the backyard to which I haven't a key. Mental note: Make key to Le Mari's office. It's very funny how as I was about to leave the house when I learned this babysitter-no-phone fact, I was completely dumbfounded. It is like leaving an appendage when you leave without your phone. I quickly debated in my head: I can't leave my phone willingly. But he was staying with my son. But I had an hour car ride ahead of me. But he's 16 and staying with my son! How do you dial 911 without a phone? So I left the phone. Anyway there was a photographer there, so I'll have good pics eventually, but until then there's this: from Racked LA.
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