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On mange chez les Viviers

Second full day in France and I'm starting to feel better, maybe it's because of the food. Sleep deprivation always feels better on a full tummy. This was last night's dinns and it's no where near exceptional at this house - it's like this just about everyday. I do love this country (and my mother in law!)

Let me give you the breakdown of these pictures: above is 1987 Bordeaux from the wine cave built into the hillside, strawberries which Oscar and his grandmother picked, and a crumble made from little red plums from one of their trees.

Salad (with lettuce from garden, bien sur) with a shallot, minced walnut vinaigrette.

My sister-in-law, Francoise's, zucchini-roblochon soup. It was scrumptious, if little bit heavy...there's a whole round roblochon in it, two huge garden zucchinis and a bit of creme fraiche. She assures me that it is just as good without the cream fraiche! (Greta, take note a good idea of what you can do with your out of control zucchini sitch.) Please look at the decomposition of the wine label. J'aime.

These pears are on the path to sister-in-law's summer home just across the vast lawn/garden. Sorry, but nature and food pics are going to be in abundance until I get to Paris in a few weeks! Not too much style happening out here, but I'm sure I'll find something!
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