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Les Teenage Murs

Like you, my teenage bedroom walls were covered with glossy magazine pages ;). Today, 4th day en France, I finally stepped off the Viv compound to go to the presse and get my paws on my favorite guilty pleasure: a stack of French mags. My fav of all favs is Paris Vogue (and how I love paying a normal amount of money for it). Look at this cover, maybe because of the Burberry plaid (which I can't stand and feel should be left on the inside of a trench and that's all), maybe it's because of the big 80, I don't know, but I thought that cover could've totally been on my wall! The design and layout of Paris Vogue is so good, ever so effortlessly chic, I decided, for lack of any style here in this country town, to plaster my blog like I plastered my walls and give you a chance to see my favorite pages of the August issue and you don't have to pay an arm for it.

I want to be friends with Tracee Ross. I went through a Diana Ross phase not too long ago where I watched a ton of Youtube clips of her and she seemed like such a surprisingly smart and well adjusted woman that then I started watching clips of interviews with her daughter and she didn't fall far from the tree.

For fall: zipper boots. Check. Amazing flat tote. Check. Un chapeau noir. Check. Le petit tailleur Chanel. Not check. Humph!

Love Stella, and I want the blazer - just a little weirded out about the fact that this model has the body of a 12-yr-old. Covet the Balmain buckle boots. Ahem. Dries, oh Dries, you make a hot mess look so good.

A big big star on my teenage walls was CT. Kicking ass Christy, YSL 2009! Bringing home the bacon is what she's doing and a little bit older than me, oooh, I will always love her.
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