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Paris - St. Pierre

To do a style entry on Paris is so damn intimidating. I mean, come on, a coffee table book, maybe. A few weeks devoted to the city exclusively, maybe. But two days? With a child in tow? Extremely difficult. Besides the fact that I had very few days here in the City of Lights capping off a long vacation in France, I forgot my camera for half of it. So until Else emails me all the cute pics she took of Colette, Bon Marché (where I got a shut-it-down new pair of platform boots) and YSL among others, this is it: Marché St. Pierre. I go every year to the store and the neighborhood to scour for new fabrics which I can't find in L.A. Only thing worth noting in the pic, besides the bag, are the Superga tennies I bought out of desperation yesterday. The DSB. That's what I'll call it. The desperate shoe buy. It refers to the phenomenon of leaving the house in Paris wearing shoes which have never in their lives seen so much pavement. Along comes a shoe store around hour three of the very pedestrian (in only the walking sense of the word) day and out goes me in a pair of "comfy" shoes. Eeew. Those two words still give me the heebs when together, but silver's kinda cute. No? They'll love the back of my closet all year long.

Every year, I search for African prints because there're sooo much more beautiful here than what we can get. I bought some fabulous wax prints which will be linings on my Cartable. Perfect.

A cute little Comme Des Garçons Pocket store at the base of Montmartre.

I don't even know what store this was as I was frantically trying to find Chez Marianne in the Marais at lunchtime as Oscar was having a full-blown-hunger fit on the street when I saw it. But child protest be damned, I made him cross the street with me to get a better look and snap a pic.

Click to make bigger and see this necklace. Birds. Love it.

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