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Semaine de Dingue

This has been a week to remember. But knowing me, I'll probably forget.

Two days before I left for France this summer, Daily Candy was scheduled to run a deal on my bags (mentioned below.) A week before I left though, I called them and said, "is there anyway we can do this when I get back?" Yes, they said, no problem. Now that the deal ran this week, I'm absolutely positive that I wouldn't have been able to handle the response a couple of days before leaving the country. It's been C.R.A.Z.Y. I was still riding the RS page wave when this hit and it felt like a tsunami for a company my size. Petite, that is.

Also, there was some press that came out. Also, there was my first order for a lux department store - my first dept store period, but so happy it's a good one.

Also, and this is the biggest of alsos, a lovely editor of a major, super lovely magazine contacted me (!) to come over to see my digs and wares next week. So very very excited. But what in the world am I going to wear?

(dingue means crazy. "dinge" how it was originally written, doesn't mean anything at all. Merci mari - a little late ;)
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