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Right smack dab in the middle of what is the busiest period for my fledgling company, I had to go to NYC for a pretty darn quick trip - two chock o'block days. I didn't actually take part in the markets happening, but I had heard it was a good time to go meet buyers, so I went. I holed up in a room at the swank new Cooper Square Hotel during the days (I was squatting my girlfriend's room - I actually slept at Simone's London Terrace pied-a-terre) and took a few appointments. It all felt very Belle du Jour...the view from the room:

A white clutch situation happening on the bed:

The appointments were a bit too few for my liking, but I also used the two quick days (time passes faster in NY) to search for leather as my sources in are drying up here in LA. La Trop is still shutting it down.

Here's Simone (above) carrying hers an evening with one half of her sparkly Chanel tailleur. The other girls look pretty cute, too, but as we're girls and a tad vain, I've cropped their heads lest they should not like their visage.

I always crop my head for exactly that reason. Ha! I just want to show you what I'm wearing not open myself to all sorts of other debates...and here, I'm wearing Greta's Heidi Merrick stripped shirt and my newest bag design - the mini besace (soon to be on website) - and wrap bracelet. This is what I wore to the meeting-I-really-care-about with the owner of a store which I won't name as I'm superstitious, but a hint: it's two words. The meeting went really well, now please cross your fingers that something will come of it. It's one of my favorite stores in NY and the line would be so lovely there.

I was also invited to visit some editors at Condé Nast, which felt very Devil Wears Prada. Vogue. Douzième étage.
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