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behind the scenes

I've had a lot of requests to see the sizes of the bags in comparison to a human being, instead of floating in white space. So I pooled my resources and pulled together a photo shoot this Sunday afternoon.
The lovely Alexis modeled. Notice: no cropped head.

The amazing EvaLotta snapped the pics, soon to be on (The pics on this blog are my pics, EL's will be much better...)

EvaLotta brought her kids and Else stepped up to distract them from Mama. It worked, they let us work for a brisk 2 hours without interruption! (Thank you, Else.)

The bags were being photographed on Alexis, but Marlo was the real star of the day!

On another photo shoot note, this came out in the NYTimes Travel magazine today:

In what was probably one of my favorite jobs avant le sac, I used work for the company that creates the image for the Viceroy hotels as a prop stylist. This shoot took place at a mountaintop restaurant in Aspen last year (the pool in background was added in post), and it was a lovely experience. I got to choose the glasses, the porcelain & pewter-rimmed plates, the bone & sterling tray, a lavish selection of cheeses for the table, etc. I transported all of it to the restaurant via ski-lift, and set everything to stunning perfection. It was a dreamy job to have an unlimited budget (each one of these glasses was $115 for example - we rented things, of course) to create beautiful settings in the image of Kelly Wearstler. There was a slightly bigger crew than my shoot today...
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