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Birds of a Feather Fed Ex Together

My friend, Simone, in NY called me the other day she had a wedding to go to this weekend and asked if I had anything she could wear, "you know like any kind of fur thing, or something?" The wedding is in CT, mostly outside and it's fully fall there. Not really, I said, but there was this vintage feather jacket I was thinking of buying from my fav thrift store, and I sent her this pic:

"Are you kidding? Yes and Yesser!! That looks so sick. I love!!" she responded, it'd be amazing with the YSL dress she was going to wear. We decided that if I bought it and Fed Exed it to her on Wednesday, she'd happily help pay for it and the shipping. Also, on Tuesday, she Fed Exed me her YSL tributes so I could cut them off as I did to mine. While this may sound crazy to some people, it sounded completely normal to me. To get the right outfit, I have been known to call upon my styly friends, no matter where they are...

Only problem is that I've been extremely busy lately, shipping bags, running business, being mama. So at 4:55 p.m. on Wednesday when I finally open the Fed Ex box from Simone with the Tributes, I panic and think, wait a minute, I cut my own $900 boots, it's quite another thing to cut someone else's. I call Simone to give her a last chance to change her mind. "Do it," she says, "Worse comes to worse, I already got two good seasons out of them."
Done. And so much cuter, no?! I love them. At literally 5:59, Oscar and I arrive at Fed Ex in Hollywood, to ship feathers and boots to NYC.
Thursday 4 p.m. I receive this picture of Simone in the feathers and boots. They look amazing with what she had on - jeans and Marni top.
At 2 p.m. on Saturday in Los Angeles, Simone is at the wedding in CT in feathers, YSL dress and cut off boots and I received a package in the mail from Amazon.
This book, with a note from Simone which says, "I do love your style, and thank you for making so much effort for mine this week." J'adore mes amis.
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