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New Work Space

I've been missing my blog!
I have spent every minute of the week - when I wasn't picking up bags to ship or shipping bags - moving things in my house. Le mari finally cracked and couldn't take living in a bag factory anymore. Or rather, he just wanted our dining room back. So he had the lovely idea to turn my upstairs office (which had gotten too small for my biz) into my walk-in closet (ma reve!) and move the playroom upstairs to Oscar's considerable closet and move my office into the old playroom! Pictures on the finished rooms (walk-in and office) upon completion of the moves and decorating. But until then, here are some random, unsettled scenes from the new office space.

These are my personal work bags. I have the original cartable which has traveled the world with me a few times, and I have the work tote in natural canvas, too. I found my Slow and Steady Wins the Race canvas wedges next to them and thought that was cute. Creamy canvas family.

This extremely beautiful Italian, veggie dyed leather which I desperately needed to fulfill orders was delivered to some random house in Burbank special thanks to a UPS driver with a screw loose. I thought I was going to have a heart attack for a few days until the good, random people in Burbank called me and said, "we've received a big package with your name on it," !!

Is one of those your Trop you're waiting for? Okay, okay, it's going out this weekend.

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