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Cozy Wide Lapels

Last night as le mari was leaving to go on a shoot in SF, his worker mate, France, needed a coat as it is actually fall up there. I went and dug thru my coats which haven't seen the light of day since I lived in SF and I found two cozy cashmere treasures. I don't know how I ended up with this same vintage wrap coat in two colors, but I did. They feel a bit more like house robes than coats, but I've always kept them as they're lovely quality and chic in a Katherine Hepburn kinda way.

The length is not working for today and I may employ my scissors, but I really should take them to a professional. Camel color is classic, but bath-robey-length has got to go especially on this one...

After I took these pics, I saw this. Yes, Carine, you're perfect, and I'll cut my coats to the knee.

And this...both of them on Garance Dore, both wide lapel coziness

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