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Communal Space. Desire. Action.

Voilà les laptop envelopes I made for the Community Shop at Commune, which opened this past weekend. They turned out quite lovely. They're happy, I'd say, no? Who wouldn't want that bit of sunshine peeking out of their totes when they arrive to work in the a.m. or when they pull out their laptop at security at the airport. Oh, take out my laptop, why, avec pleasure. The baby foldover clutches in the middle are perfect for holding power cables and such.

I was happy about the placement of my bags because they were right next to photographer Lisa Eisner's Greybull Nation wares. It is her collection of vintage native American beaded accessories and the envelopes next to it made for one colorful table.

Eisner, dressed way down in comfy, Saturday a.m. FreeCity attire, was there for a bit while we were setting up. She was snapping pictures, for what I heard was the NYTimes. While it may not look like it here, Lisa is actually one of my absolute style icons. And I'm not alone, she was listed on Vanity Fair's best dressed list two years ago. She pulls off glamorous/ outrageous like nobody's business and I can get behind that wholeheartedly. Here's another reason to idolize the temple of Lisa: a spread in W Magazine on her home from a few years ago.

This is Roman Alonso, a partner in Commune and also Lisa's ex partner in the, now resting, Greybull Press. Check out that site and their books, I wish I owned all of them. I imagine they're collectors items now.

There is a giant tent in the middle of the shop (bottom floor of the design firm) which they stocked with items for sale - Alma Allen for Heath Ceramics containers, Commune designed Ace Hotel blankets, and Commune/Mateo collaborated table linens. Sending Light was part of the only clothing line at the event - Free City.

The whole of Commune's interior space has the vibe where you just want to live there, especially with L'oeil de Vert scents wafting through the air, but this little section here, with the rug pillows and the lovely wooden bowls and wooden sculpture, just seals the deal for me and made it hard to leave at the end of the day - even if I'd been standing all day in my shoes!

For more coverage, visit L.A. In Bloom which featured a pretty concise post about the event.
And, if you find yourself in West Hollywood on a Tuesday or Thursday, between 2-6, stop by the Community Shop! (Very soon the laptop envelopes will be available on that site, too.)
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