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wrapping up thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving at David and Greta's - it wasn't at all the Thanksgiving on the Island of Misfits I thought it was going to be. Everyone mingled nicely and the food was de lish. My fav was David's baked stuffing although, Greta's cassoulet was a huge crowd pleaser, too, oh and Snow's desserts, yum!!

Thanks in no small degree to the Real Simple piece I wrote about, I had to work today. I'm NOT complaining. Really, I'm so happy this wrist wrap is selling like hotcakes. Today, I had them all assembled - or I mean the first batch of them - is one yours...?

And, I was working on packaging.

Here're some incarnations: Using the scraps to seal the box. 1. with the left over silver using double sided tape to affix. 2. a scrap of white lovely leather. and 3. again with the scraps of the silver only with a rivet affixing the 2 sides together (too labor intensive.)

Inside the boxes are these drawstring bags containing the wrist wraps. I experimented with where to sew the CV label with gold thread. The top center position won because it was too hard to sew it on so far down on the bag!

This is how it looks when you open the box...pretty cute, no? Come on, who wouldn't want that for the holidays?
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