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A funny thing happened at mag night + Friday night at Mohawk

Ever think you notice the beginning of style trends? Normally I think it's something very unscientific like when I see something new 3 times in three different spots it may be something to watch. But what makes it happen? What makes it take off? What is The Tipping Point? (Darn it, I wish I'd read that book! I always think: I just have to read that book and then I'll have the key to how to make La Trop or the messenger into the global sensations they deserve to be...damn you, Gladwell! Can't you just call me and give me the major gist?! I'll give you a cut...) Anyway, remember Vamp - the dark red/brown Chanel nail color that launched ten thousand nail salons? Well, I'm pretty sure there's about to be another color to put Vamp to shame.

Last night at magazine night, (yes, that's right, my girlfriends and I have magazine night, kinda like book club only you don't have to read a book. You just have to show up with a few good mags, eat homemade soup (this time I made shallot/cauliflower), peruse, critique and covet the goodies in the glossies and chat away. Perfect night...usually;) Anyway, at mag night while I was flipping through the pages of Vogue - G said, "Stop! Look at that nail color. I want it." S. said, "Oh yeah, I saw that, I looked for the color in the credits and it's not listed." Then this a.m. on our crack-of-dawn Runyon hike, I say to HBT after she mentions her new mani, there's a pretty nail color in Vogue accessories spread and she says without skiping a beat, "Yeah, I know that color, people are talking about it." What?? Wow. Just like that. Don't quote me, but I'm pretty sure a new nail color buzz has officially started. Vamp, I don't know if you're reading, but watch your back - your sexy Creme de Marron cousin may take your spot on top of nail color stardom.
In other news! If you're in Los Angeles, come to Mohawk General Store tomorrow night to celebrate their 1st anniversary and Beatrice Valenzuela and I are having a trunk show! I'll have (cross my fingers that my sewers will be done with them) my new mini-besaces in red, tan and natural leather!! They're very cute and I'll have some laptop clutches, too as well as other star carry-alls.
All obvious gifts for your bestest (future) mag night friends.

Update: Sophia left a comment on this post that color is actually called You Don't Know Jacques, by Opi. But then, I was informed from Jocelyn, who is working with me today, that she's got You Don't Know Jacques on her toes right now (she took off her boots and socks to show me, even) and it is not that. It is more brown-y. The search continues. Jocelyn also told me I should have used the words "collective unconscious" in my description of the trends developing. Okay, smarty pants.
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