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Mohican holiday

There was the holiday party at Mohawk General Store on Friday night and we took some pics with the intention of sharing it here. But with all the holiday orders (yay) and a big shipment, (which I'm super excited about and I'll write about once it actually leaves my doors), and with Johnny Hallyday in the hospital, just kidding about the last one, I've been too swamped to update blog since my nail polish prediction. And after all that, I haven't been even close to having a pedicure with Chanel's latest.

Friday was a rainy, rainy day. And actually it was supposed to be the storm of the season that night, but by 6 pm when the party started, the ferocious downpour the skies were going to unleash had petered to an occasional faint mist. But the foul weather warning, plus it being the first night of Hanukkah, ensured it was probably going to be hard to get the people out for another store's holiday party.

Not that Mohawk is any other store...
In any case, it's always good for me to get out and meet people and be forced to talk about my work. And the fact that it was a "trunk show" made sure that I had to complete some new items like the clutches above. This is the natural, completely un-dyed type of leather which will become lovely, brown and rich with age and use. IT's going to be sooo cute. I'm going to have to use one to get the effect so I can photograph again.

And finally (!) I completed my "mini besace" as I'm calling it now. It is the most lovely red and perfect for when you just need a small bag at night or for shopping or something. I'll put it on website at the new year.

But weather be darned, people did turn out! Especially the die-hards...look at the bag that lady is carrying!! The crowd turned out to be perfect - tres cool mais beyond cozy at the same time, like always. Kevin, the owner, keep good music going all night and people snacked, sipped and shopped.

And like the best of Mohawk's parties, people eventually spilled onto the street for chatting before heading into the Los Angeles night...
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