Holiday Returns and the White Jumpsuit

Yes, it's true we actually decided to do the most unoriginal thing today - SURPRISE! go shopping (or returning, rather.) We actually got a baby sitter so we could go do so without child. But here's the surprise! This is what I wore. My jumpsuit is a 1970s French, homemade number courtesy of my friend Laetitia who was cleaning her closet recently. It belonged to her mother, who wore it in Paris nearly 4 decades ago; then Laetitia got some subsequent use of it; and now it's mine - American lady living a quasi-French life in Los Angeles, circa 2010. The Various Lives of the White Jumpsuit - in theaters soon. (Featuring proper use of the semi colon.)
Pretty freaking hot, no? And don't say no, because it is. A bit painterly, yes, but still! I can assure you I got some looks today at the Americana at Brand, in Glendale, CA. I kept wondering why people were looking at me? And then I remembered, oh I'm wearing a white zip-up jumpsuit, and they wish they were, too. ;) Yay. On another note, I'm not fond of that place (the Americana.) And I try. I'm not one of those, oh I hate malls for hating malls sake of it all. No, I didn't hold any prejudices. I tried to like it, but I just don't. But who cares, you know I'll go back, there's a always the cinema. I'll choose stadium seating within 20 min of my house any day, dancing water fountains be damned.
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