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Chapeaux d'hiver

I'm still in MN, returning to the pretend cold of Los Angeles winter tomorrow, but for now I get to indulge in the best of winter head gear courtesy of my favorite vintage store in St. Paul. The location of which I will not divulge - there were already a few unwelcome hipsters there yesterday, much to my chagrin. I bought two of these hats, I will get scarce use of them back home, but I wanted to buy all of them, so I did okay. Aren't they amazing?! Almost makes me wish for below zero weather in L.A. (Nah.)
I did not buy this one, but it was also furry which you cannot tell from the photo.
And this one is a Stetson - for a steal! That feather work is incredible and I really really wanted to buy it, but it was a tad small for my head and sat kinda high so I resisted. However, I've been known to have some things shipped upon second thought.
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