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Another thing happened at the secret vintage store...

As my sister and I are walking out of the store, after I've purchased my two shearling hats and she's purchased her mink vest and little, fitted red riding jacket, we stop inside the store to get our gear on - you know the gloves, the hats, scarves - all the stuff you currently cannot go outside in MN without or you will DIE instantly, and as we're standing there, I look over and say, "Um, check out those boots." She concurs that upon first sight they are amazing, possibly the best thing we've seen today. I try them on and, as fate would have it, they fit - like a glove, only it's a boot.
Are they the most gorgeous thing? I've worn them two days straight and they're the most comfortable boot I've ever owned. I still have them on and it's almost midnight, that's saying something. The heel in this pic is a little muddy, as I wore them to Oscar's soccer game yesterday and that damn field couldn't support a heel properly. Hmph! (Soccer moms in hot boots unite!)
When you get a good vintage item, it counts double if you can marvel at the interior, the lining and the construction. These are beautifully crafted with scallop-shaped leather and suede on the exterior and they're lined with white kid leather on the inside. Nothing more to say except, I'm in LOVE.
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