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Introducing the MINI SAC

I'm so excited to finally be adding this bag to my collection, it's been on the back burner for a while because other things were taking all my time. I was so thrilled that upon picking my first batch of the Mini Sacs yesterday, I decide to stage a renegade photo shoot with my by-myself, as Judice from the Finger Lakes would say. Here's how it goes down and the results.
Here I am at my dinning room table, I've got a large roll of white photo paper going up and over a footstool on my table.
When I realize the Mini's would look cute in comparison to something to show size, I start to grab my husband's paperbacks, as well as, some leather bound collectors edition novels he bought from an antiquarian book dealer in Périgueux, France (don't go there) this summer from the book shelf. I've brought out a few over sized thread spools and other odds and ends for prop-ups.
I'm lighting my show with a floor lamp I've got placed extremely precariously with its legs through the legs of a dining chair so that it will be at the right angle. I have no idea what I'm doing, but prop styling for the Viceroy Hotel photo shoots may have served me well. It is now after 6 o'clock and I should be making dinner for my 6 yr old. But instead he's in the other room watching TV so I can finish my photos. I've staved off major meltdown by plying him with snacks - healthy ones, I swear! (Actually outside of my own need to buy time, snacks are my new pet peeve, this article tells why.)
Anyway, when photos are done, finally, I feed my boy, put him to bed, photo cleaning takes place into wee hours of night, and voilà! Les photos.
It comes in red, camel, and black and will be on the site this weekend.
Come on, if I didn't just write all that you would have never been able to tell these were taken on a dining room table, on white paper over a footstool, lit by a precarious floor lamp, with Sponge Bob annoying the crap out me in the background, would you? This one below is my favorite! ZOLA: L'ARGENT, how crazy cute is that book?
Bo stopped by tonight to pick up some messengers and work totes for the store, I asked her to model the Mini for me. More of her modeling the MS will take place tomorrow.
Stay tuned!
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