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Be Still My Trop Heart

Along with the Mini Sac...along with the Daily Candy Tuesday Deal (goes live in a.m., I'll link to it for code info)...LA TROP NOIRE. Because sometimes, you're just in the...

Introducing the MINI SAC

I'm so excited to finally be adding this bag to my collection, it's been on the back burner for a while because other things were taking all my time. I...

Target's Belle de Jour moment

So after selling out in 3 days, Target reordered the clutch, as you may know if you follow me on Twitter, or if we're Facebook friends because I couldn't shut...

Loveliest of Birthdays

Okay, now the holidays are officially over. Friday was my birthday which is exactly 1 week from New Year's day and exactly 2 weeks from Christmas day. So for 2...

Another thing happened at the secret vintage store...

As my sister and I are walking out of the store, after I've purchased my two shearling hats and she's purchased her mink vest and little, fitted red riding jacket,...

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